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Artist, Graphic Designer and Junior full STACK developer. Through collaborative practices, print and web design work for SenseLab (Milieux/Concordia University), I have developed a passion for communicating interdisciplinary research-practices, across a variety of media and production environments. I have also worked on a variety of collaborative and freelance projects, across corporate, non-for-profit and activist environments. My graphic design work includes book covers, logos, branding and promotional material.I recently leveraged my design and critical thinking skills, by completing a Web Development Bootcamp (Lighthouse Labs). This interdisciplinary background grants an agility for problem solving, building, and crafting innovative platforms for communication. By engaging design practices both tactile and digital, i maintain an empathy for the human scale experience of my web development and design work.  

I have been a Senselab Artist in Residence, for the past 7 years, as part of a SHHRC funded partnership grant. I completed the full STACK web development bootcamp at Lighthouse Labs in 2019, adding to a BFA in & Digital Technologies and Media Arts from ACAD, and an MA in the Special Individualized Program (in Design, Computation and Fine Arts) from Concordia University

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